Pond and Lake Management for Golf Courses

Water features on golf courses have dual roles. Not only do they contribute to the beauty of the course, they are also an important component of the architecture of the game. A thoughtfully placed pond could mean the difference between a par 3 or an accidental splash!

It is also important that the maintenance of the pond parallels the pristine landscaping of the golf course. Nobody is excited to head out for eighteen holes on a course with beautiful, manicured slopes and an algae-heavy pond overloaded with weeds.

Recruit the Professionals

That’s why it’s crucial for golf course managers to choose an experienced team like Estate Management Services to assist in maintenance of ponds.

We are a team of biologists, environmental scientists, ecologists, and aquatic resource specialists who are passionate about the environment, in particular, bodies of water, and we’ve spent our careers studying and testing methods to keep them healthy.

You need a long-term management plan for golf course ponds and lakes. We will analyze your ponds and create a customized plan. Along with routine inspections, this may include testing and monitoring the water quality, aeration, prevention of algae and aquatic weeds, fisheries stocking and management, and bathymetric studies that help you prepare for future treatment. All of our programs comply with federal, state, and municipal regulations.

Erosion and Sound

We can also assist in preventing erosion around ponds and lakes on golf courses. Water features can shift the shoreline and impact the land surrounding them. Estate Management Services uses several techniques to counter erosion; namely, a degradable knitted mesh that can makes a barrier to contain sediment, combined with strategic planting of grass, native vegetation, and buffer plants.

In addition, we can help you create a program to create a sustainable pond or lake that will support the regulatory sound compliance necessary for your course.  

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We have extensive experience maintaining beautiful and healthy ponds and lakes on golf courses. Interested in discussing your needs for managing your water features? Contact us today to set up a complimentary on-site evaluation.

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