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If you have a pond or lake on a piece of private property, it is important to consider the connection between the water and the surrounding environment. The water on your land is an integral part of the ecosystem, the health of which is directly influenced by what occurs in the ecosystem surrounding it. In this case, your property.

It may seem like no big deal to manage your lake or pond on your own, but as experienced professionals, we’d advise against it. Maintaining the health of a pond or lake is our specialty, and we don’t want you to skip any vital steps.

What Does Estate Management Services Offer For Landowners?

We are a team of biologists, environmental scientists, ecologists, and aquatic resource specialists who are passionate about the environment, in particular, bodies of water, and we’ve spent our careers studying and testing methods to keep them healthy.

First, we’ll assess the quality of your pond or lake. Next, we’ll make recommendations on how to treat the water on your land based on findings, tackling current problems and heading off potential challenges down the road. Then we’ll schedule regular visits to maintain the ecological balance of your pond or lake.

We achieve this process by testing water quality, as well as monitoring invasive species. We also offer algae control, pond aeration, and mosquito control. As each pond or lake is different, we’ll customize a program specifically to meet your needs and ensure optimal balance for your pond or lake.

Introducing Fish To Your Pond Or Lake

If you’re interested in stocking the pond or lake on your property with fish, we’re the people to help. Adding fish to a water feature also adds value.

Estate Management Services will assess your pond or lake and advise on which species will be best for your habitat. We’ll continue to use the latest technology to maintain water quality so that your fish will thrive in their environment.


Do you have questions for us about managing your pond or lake? Contact us to set up a complimentary on-site evaluation.

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