Pond Management for Communities and HOAs

As a community manager, HOA board member or resident, you know the importance of maintaining beautiful and healthy lakes, ponds and waterways on your property. They make life more enjoyable and attract new residents to your community. The burden of managing your water bodies doesn’t have to fall to you alone. Make a responsible choice by engaging water resources professionals to take on management of your valuable aquatic assets.

Hire the Professionals

The scientists and water resources experts at Estate Management Services have dedicated their careers and their lives to maintaining the environment and keeping waterways healthy. Our biologists, ecologists and fisheries professionals use their expertise to ensure your ponds and water features are clean, functional and environmentally compliant.

Water Management, Distilled

Sustainable water management means having a plan. We start with an on-site visit and create a schedule for ongoing testing and analysis, algae and invasive species control, water quality management, aeration, fishery management, mosquito control and even bathymetric surveys to help you plan for long-term improvements, investments and maintenance. Our team is knowledgeable of all federal, state and local regulations and can assist with stormwater inspections and erosion and sediment control procedures.

With an understanding of required maintenance, water quality testing needs and prevention strategies to mitigate unsightly algae blooms and weed overgrowth, your residents can sit back, relax and enjoy the views of your pristine lakes and ponds.

How Can We Help?

Let our team take on management of your water resources so you and your community can rest assured your water bodies are functional, sustainable and well-maintained. Call us today to schedule an on-site visit.

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