Pond Management for Universities

Choosing a school is an emotional decision. One where hundreds of factors contribute, but a single negative could put you out of the running. Academics and athletics may seem most important, but beautiful aesthetics make your campus a place to call home. Don’t let prospective students and parents stumble upon a lake or pond overrun with algae and debris on their first campus tour.

Get the Help You Need to Keep Your Campus Waterways Beautiful

Maintaining the lakes and ponds on your campus takes time and experience that strains limited resources. Our team of scientists, biologists, ecologists and aquatic resource specialists can supplement your facilities management team with the manpower and expertise you need to maintain your water bodies.

Create a Balanced Ecosystem on Campus

Aesthetics aside, pond management is crucial for environmental sustainability and compliance    with state and federal regulations. Our team has spent their careers dedicated to making lakes and ponds healthy and functional. They are passionate about caring for the environment and well-versed in the federal, state and municipal laws regulating water quality.

How We Can Help

Our process starts with a customized, long-term plan. Our team will analyze your ponds and create a comprehensive plan to keep you in compliance. This may include routine water quality monitoring, algae and invasive species mitigation, fishery management and/or mosquito control. We provide bathymetric studies so you can understand future capital improvements and repair needs. We also assist with erosion and sediment control by recommending a planting program or utilizing geotextiles like a degradable knitted mesh barrier.

Get in touch today to discuss the pond management challenges you’re facing. We’ll set up an on-site evaluation and work with your team to make your campus waterbodies an asset that sets your university apart.

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