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Here in the South, our unique terrain can make for a beautiful landscape. Water features are a part of many private properties, and can improve the property’s value as well as making the land a more beautiful place to live. However, standing water has its own set of challenges and it must be cared for.

Pond Management

A pool has chlorine or a filter to help care for the water. But a pond typically has neither of these things to help manage it. As a result, the water can become stagnant and filled with algae if left unchecked.

At Estate Management Services, we understand how to care for various bodies of water. We have the equipment to dredge the pond and clear out silt buildups. We can also manage the water itself and make sure that the pond stays in balance. Overall, we take care of your pond or lake so you don’t have to.

Why Hire Us?

At Estate Management Services, we understand the challenge property owners face. In addition to managing the interior of their house, taking care of the yard and property can be an annoyance or a source of stress for anyone. We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive and competent services that can take that stress away.

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