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Anyone in the South can attest to the beauty of our landscape. The Coastal Empire in particular is filled with wetlands, rivers, and ponds that make this a very appealing place to live. But when one of these bodies of waters becomes the responsibility of a homeowner, it can quickly become a nightmare.

Pond Management

Ponds must be managed carefully. Because they are standing water, the water can become brackish and silt can build up on the pondbottom.  Unlike a pool, ponds do not typically have filters, which means that the water must be taken care of.

At Estate Management Services, we understand how difficult this task can be. We offer comprehensive pond management, which includes dredging the pond and management the water itself to keep it attractive and painless.

Why Hire Us?

In short, Estate Management Services works hard to make your life easier. We understand that many homeowners are not in possession of the equipment or the patience to deal with these bodies of water. We offer affordable service so you don’t have to worry.

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