Pond Management Services Offered in South Carolina

Question: What pond management services does Estate Management Services offer in the upper coastal region of South Carolina?

Answer: There are a variety of pond management services. We offer year-round management, which entails us basically, you sign us to an agreement, we come in and we do a turnkey deal for you, as far as weed and algae defoliation, we do water chemistry. But aside from that, aside from just basically just taking care of your pond in a year-round situation which we do, we also offer a variety of other things. We do fish stocking. We do consulting; in terms of fountains and aeration, we may make fountain recommendations to you. We do plant design and aquatic plant plantings around the lakebed. We do pond design, we dig ponds, we put pond liners in ponds. If it has something to do with a pond or an aquatic environment, we pretty much can help with that.

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