Private Resident Contracts in Charleston

Question: Do private residents contract with EMS in Charleston? If so, what types of services do they usually need?

Answer: Yes, we do have private residential clients, and usually they have very few ponds, meaning they either have one or two ponds. And the services we provide for our private clients again go back to the list of services we provide for our commercial clients, but usually on a much smaller scale. We typically find that our private residential clients tend to go more to a aesthetic pleasing route, which usually entails fountain work. So, with our fountain work, depending on how large the pond is, that’s how we know what size fountain to install in the pond. And so we, our fountains come in all different sizes as far as the head and the water spout coming from the fountain. And, there again, the fish stocking, that’s pretty big with our private residential clients, simply because people love recreation and fishing is probably one of the better recreational sports you can do at home with little to no cost, especially if you have a pond in your backyard. And so we can stock the fish in their pond, and we also provide a line of automatic fish feeders that we install on some of our properties.

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