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Pond and Lake Management

For those in property development, an aquatic feature like a lake or pond represents a beautiful asset that adds immense value. However, it also represents a complex set of regulations that must be followed, biological issues that must be addressed, and the potential for considerable problems if mismanaged.

Because of this complexity, developers, engineers, and communities turn to pond and lake management companies to protect and maintain their waterways. Not only can a trusted firm take the guesswork out of maintaining a body of water, but they can also work proactively to counter issues such as algae blooms, invasive species, pollution, and flooding.

For nearly 30 years, these development professionals have turned to Estate Management Services. Our comprehensive approach to water management and ecological health gets out in front of water quality issues, preventing them before they start. We handle all regulatory issues and ensure compliance with all state, local, and federal laws. And we ensure that a property’s lake or pond maintains its aesthetic value for many years to come.

We are trusted by the private and public sectors alike, with municipalities from Miami Dade County to cities like Atlanta, Tampa, and Orlando trusting Estate Management Services to maintain their water quality. Standing behind this trust is a team made up of some of the most respected minds in the industry, from biologists and ecologists to aquatic resource specialists. They represent a wealth of knowledge that our clients have come to rely on for beautiful, safe ponds and lakes.

But it’s not just our position as a leading authority in water quality. Our reputation has been built over 30 years on the strengths of our:

Dedication to Service: Each project receives truly personalized attention built around a customized care plan. Your lake or pond represents a specific set of needs and challenges, and we tailor a solution that meets them — and serves you — best.

Education and Empowerment: We don’t just maintain a thriving aquatic ecosystem; we partner with you in a long-term relationship that empowers you to make decisions. Together, we create solutions that lead to sustainable success.

Pond and Lake Management

Environmental Consciousness: Helping to future-proof your project against future changes in environmental regulation, we take an ecologically sound approach that goes beyond current requirements. For developers looking to appeal to environmentally conscious customers, it’s a long-term solution with broad short-term appeal.

Community Advocacy: Our work in the community reflects on your reputation, showing that you share our commitment to elevating our community and caring for the environment.

Advanced Training: Every technician on our team is held to the highest standards, put through the most rigorous training, and certified to possess the latest knowledge and techniques. You can be confident as a developer that our strategies represent the most innovative and effective in the industry.

Customized Maintenance Plans: Your monthly plan is individually tailored to suit your lake or pond’s specific needs, giving you a value-driven, cost-effective, and predictable service that aligns with your requirements.

What we offer is nothing less than complete stress-free maintenance of your pond or lake, handling all aspects of water integrity and resilience. Partnering with Estate Management Services gives you an ally you can trust in handling the complexities of pond maintenance and regulatory compliance. It’s a service engineers and developers of every kind have come to trust, backed by industry-leading know-how and a dedication to environmental consciousness.

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