Safety of Chemicals Used in Charleston

Question: How safe are the chemicals you use in pond and lake management in the Charleston, South Carolina area?

Answer: Whenever we use the chemical means of removal, we always apply the herbicide in a safe concentration, because that’s usually one of the more frequently asked questions with homeowners or just your average Joe, they’ll walk up and always ask, “Hey, what are you doing to the pond?” And so I always take pride in saying, “Hey, this is for the pond, we’re treating it for algae,” or, “We’re spraying the weeds in or around the pond,” and so they always want to know, “Is it going to hurt my dog?” Or, “Is it going to kill the fish?” And that’s when I always say, “No, it’s not harmful. We apply it at a safe rate and concentration.” And they pretty much are OK with that, and they go about their day. Chemical removal is by far the one we use most often.

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