SeClear Algaecide

Many of the ponds and lakes we manage require the use of a chemical algaecide to control algae growth. One algaecide that we frequently use is SeClear, which is produced by SePRO Corporation.

How It Works

Algae feed on nitrates and phosphates in the water. SeClear works by reducing the nitrate and phosphate levels in the water body, which robs the algae of its nutrient load and prevents it from growing.


SeClear is a copper-based algaecide, as opposed to PAK 27 which is peroxide based. The active ingredient in SeClear is Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate.


Typically, SeClear is used in conjunction with other aquatic products, but it can be used on its own. Once the product has been mixed according to the label specifications, it can be applied either from a boat or from the shore.

SeClear can be used either as a direct-contact treatment that is sprayed directly onto algae or as a water column treatment for the entire body of water.


When used as directed by the manufacturer, SeClear presents no harm to humans or animals.

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