Services for Lakes vs Ponds in Alabama

Question: How do the services you perform on larger bodies of water differ from the services you perform on smaller ponds in Alabama? 

Answer: The services we provide on the larger lakes are quite different from the services we provide to ponds—well, in some ways. In some ways they're pretty similar. Because of the ones we do for ponds and smaller lakes or smaller bodies of water. The biggest difference is we're treating in areas; it's a spot treatment, so it's an area in a very large water body. So we have to be a lot more specific with our areas we treat, with our application method and we have to stay on top of it a lot closer. In a closed system like a small closed system like a pond, you don't have to be as specific because you're treating the entire water body.

So it's a lot easier to maintain the area that you're trying to treat. You don't have water flow in and out. You can have water flow in and out of ponds, but you just don't have continuous movement of water like you do on the large water bodies. But also on the large water bodies, there's a lot of parts of the contract. The contracts are different. We don't do business through the wintertime because on the larger water bodies we don't have any plant growth through the winter. Once the plants are gone in November, they're pretty much gone until they start back to growing in March or April in the spring. But otherwise, they're pretty similar. We go out and do the same thing,: check them every two weeks and treat them as needed, and picking up any trash, any man-made trash, that may be in the treatment areas. So there's similarities but there's also differences.

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