Services Offered Around Charleston South Carolina

Question: What services does Estate Management Services provide in and around Charleston?

Answer: We provide an array of services that are related to the lake and pond management industry. Probably the number one service that we provide would be the actual management of the ponds, and that would include but not limited to the treatment for algae, submersed weeds, immersed, weeds, anything in and around the ponds and or lakes, that’s our number one service provided. Now, stemming from that, we also do fish stocking. Some of our clients like to stock fish, whether it be grass carp, hybrid brim, blue gill, bass, etc. So the fish can be anything from trophy fish to just something for aesthetic purposes. Also, we provide a long list of fountains and aerators and diffusers. As I was saying with the services we provide in the Charleston area, which would be natural vegetation control, fish and pond stocking, we can provide a service of fountains and aerators and diffusers for the pond and or lakes.

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