Services Provided on Charleston Golf Courses

Question: What types of services do you provide on golf courses in and around Charleston, South Carolina?

Answer: So, obviously the algae and vegetation control in and around the ponds. Some golf courses have fountains in ponds, so we’ll install fountains or we can do service work on existing fountains, even if we haven’t installed them. Again, we can also do the mosquito control, the fish and pond stocking. Some golf courses would like to have fish in their ponds, so there again, we also provide that service. The bathymetry in the ponds. You know, if golf courses have been there a while and it’s been, over the course of several years, that runoff from all the fertilizers and soil sedimentation. We’ll go in and do a bathymetry report for the golf course, and sometimes we can also do dredging work on the golf course.

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