Sonar A.S. Aquatic Herbicide

When it comes to treating submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV), one product that we use with great success is Sonar A.S., which is an aquatic herbicide made by SePRO Corporation.


The short term for the active ingredient in Sonar A.S. is fluridone. This is a chemical compound designed specifically for the treatment of SAV.


The rate of application for Sonar A.S. depends on the type of weed being treated. Typically, one application will last a season to a season and a half, as opposed to other treatments that must be applied several times throughout one season. This makes Sonar A.S. one of the more cost-effective aquatic vegetation treatments available.

How It Works

This product works by inhibiting carotene synthesis in aquatic weeds. The fluridone is absorbed by the weeds and eventually causes the breakdown of chlorophyll once the weeds are exposed to sunlight.


Restrictions depend on the specifics of the site being treated. For example, a pond treated with fluridone may not be used to irrigate tree crops for seven days following treatment.

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