Sonar Genesis Aquatic Herbicide

Sonar Genesis is an herbicide formulation used to manage aquatic vegetation growth in lakes, ponds, reservoirs and other waterways. This is an alternative herbicide treatment to Sonar A.S., another SePRO product we use.

When determining which herbicide product to use, several factors must be taken into consideration including:

  • Type of vegetation
  • Time of year
  • Stage of aquatic plant growth
  • Water movement

How It Works

Sonar Genesis works by inhibiting the formation of carotene in certain aquatic plants, which causes degradation of chlorophyll. Without chlorophyll, the plants cannot photosynthesize and eventually die.


The active ingredient in Sonar Genesis is fluridone, which is highly effective in the treatment and management of aquatic vegetation and can be found in several aquatic herbicide products.


Sonar Genesis can be used as both a water column treatment and direct application treatment. This means that we can apply the product directly to emerging vegetation as well as inject it into the water in a mix to prevent future growth.

We also frequently use this product in conjunction with other select herbicide treatments, particularly diquat.


This product can be hazardous to humans and domestic animals in its undiluted form; however, with proper use by a professional, no hazards are posed post-application.

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