South Carolina Weed and Algae Control Methods

Question: What weed and algae control methods do you use on ponds and lakes in the upper coastal region of South Carolina?

Answer: Weed and algae control methods vary. We do mechanical removal of weeds through a weed harvester, or we simply spray the weeds out, or we do both. It depends, it just depends on the particular situation. That’s why it takes an evaluation to go in and see exactly how bad the problem is or what the problem is. Primarily we do different treatments for algae. We offer a Phoslock treatment, which is a nutrient load reduction treatment that you put in your pond and it basically drops the nutrients out and that prohibits more algae from growing. We offer algae defoliation through a regimented spray program that just simply, you go out and you get us under management and we spray the algae as it grows. The other is, as I mentioned before, is installing aerators. You put oxygen, through aeration, in a pond and that lowers your algae blooms and creates a healthier pond environment.

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