Treating Ponds and Lake with Pak-27 Algaecide

Question: What is the product Pak-27 and how is it used to treat ponds and lakes?

Answer: Pak-27 is a peroxide-based algaecide/bactericide. It’s packaged in a dry, granular formula. The trick with the application of Pak-27 is the exposure time. This product degrades into free carbon and oxygen very quickly, and once it has degraded, it is no longer effective as a bactericide. So the trick is getting it in the water column on the target and having that exposure right. The only way that we’ve found to be able to do this is through a slurry injection machine. And this machine injects it into the water column as a dry, and as it dissolves in the water column, it’s getting the effect of killing the e-coli.

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