Types of Fountains and Aerators

Question: What is the difference between a display fountain and an aerating fountain?

Answer: “Display fountains generally have one use, and that’s for looks. Generally, these patterns are multi-tiered or they have very tall or wide patterns. Aerating fountains have dual purpose: they want to aerate, but you also have a nice pattern for looks. These patterns are generally limited to cone shaped patterns.”

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The Importance of Aeration

Proper aeration is essential to maintaining the health of your pond or lake.

  • Aeration improves water chemistry and clarity
  • Aeration is a leading way to prevent fish kills
  • Aeration helps support fish and microphyle health
  • Aeration can be effective in controlling certain types of weed and algae
  • Fountains typically add 7% value to real estate with water features

Lake Fountain and Aeration Systems

Fountains can be an efficient form of aeration. Another option is the use of an air diffuser system. Although air diffuser systems have lower electrical costs than fountains, they offer little aesthetic value because most of the aeration process takes place under the water.

Estate Management Services offers a complete line of self-contained and shoreline mounted fountains. We also carry a complete line of high volume water pumping systems and diffused air systems or bubblers. We provide total sales and service on all the products we carry.

All of our systems are sold at a competitive price that includes installation for customers in our service area. If you are out of our service area, we can ship these units to you or help you find a representative in your area.

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Types of Fountains and Aerators

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