Types of Weeds Controlled on Lake Guntersville

Question: What types of weeds or plants do you control as part of your contracts on Lake Guntersville in Alabama? 

Answer: Okay, in most situations, the main two plants we try to control or have issues with are hydrilla and Eurasian water milfoil. And that's been a problem the last few years on Guntersville. And you may run into a few native species, pond leaves and those sort of things. And we've always been able to control those real well, but there's another native plant that's really popped up the last few years and that's vallisneria, or it's also known as eel grass. It kind of looks like monkey grass. It starts growing under the water around piers. It's actually a native species, but it's a lot harder to control than some of the other species we've managed over the years. And when it first started to become a problem, we had some issues with controlling it. But we have come up with some more herbicide mixtures and control methods over the last few years that are really effective on it. And so, it's one that we do a really good job controlling now. And because it's one that a lot of people run into and have issues with nowadays. But it is one that we can control and have had real good success doing that over the last few years.

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