Use of Dye in Alabama and Mississippi Lakes

Question: Why would dye be used in ponds and lakes in Alabama and Mississippi?

Answer: We use dye in ponds and lakes in our areas just for really two reasons. The biggest reason is just aesthetics. A lot of HOAs, golf courses, those sort of things, they like the color. We can use, we have multiple colors. A lot of people, they see the Disney World blue and they don’t really like that because it looks too fake. But we can mix in other colors and make it black, you know kind of a combination of black and blue and make it more natural looking. But also to keep the pond from being too clear. But the other reason that we use it is for weed control. And actually, the blue color in the dye actually blocks out sunlight that’s used by the plants to grow. And so if you can block those sunrays out from reaching the bottom of the pond, it actually helps, it can help control the plant growth.

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