Vallisneria Control in Ponds and Lakes

What is Vallisneria?

Vallisneria, more commonly known as eelgrass, tape grass or vallis is a type of freshwater aquatic plant. Vallisneria has long ribbon-like blades with a vein pattern that can grow up to three to four feet long. It can form extensive underwater meadows that creates a natural habitat invertebrates and fish.

How to control Vallisneria

When left uncontrolled, Vallisneria can overwhelm lakes, streams and ponds. Sometimes the most effective way to control this fast-growing plant is a multi-pronged approach. Vallisneria can be controlled by:

  1. Cutting or dredging
  2. Fertilization to produce an algae which prevents roots from establishing
  3. Using non-toxic dyes to prevent growth by limiting sunlight to the plant
  4. Installing a physical barrier or “blanket” to block sunlight
  5. Using aquatic herbicides to control growth

Need help maintaining your pond or wetland?

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