Water Chemistry Testing

Question: How can chemical compositions affect a pond or lake?

Answer: “It depends on your desired outcome. Fish chemistry requirements have a specific range, which would be different from swimming, drinking or even be different from weed management. This is why we test chemistry of existing ponds to determine their best use, and in other cases we alter the chemistry to perform for the use requirement that the client is asking for.”

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Water Chemistry Testing

Water chemistry in a pond is important for fish management and weed control. Poor water chemistry can produce an imbalance in fish populations and promote weed growth.

There are two types of water chemistry tests that are frequently performed: snap shot and profile.

Snap Shot

The snap shot is just as it sounds: a look at the water chemistry at one particular moment. This is a good baseline test to assess the general condition of a pond’s chemistry.

Profile Test

The profile test is conducted by using state-of-the-art LDO meters. An LDO meter is a probe that is placed in a body of water that then collects and tests water chemistry at multiple times in a 24-hour period. The data is then retrieved and graphed out, creating a visual representation of water chemistry. This data can be used to precisely assess your pond needs.

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