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Question: What is the difference between tap water content and the elements used in aquatic weed control pesticides?

Answer: “The difference in the elements that you find in tap water—which are basically the same as some of the pesticides we use in the aquatics industry—would be, take copper for instance. Copper is commonly used to control algae. Copper exists in nature, ground water, it even occurs in your drinking water. For instance, you turn on the tap water at your house, you fill up a cup and you have that cup of water tested. The water will contain a .226 part per million or higher concentration of copper. That copper is coming from whatever the water source arrived from. It also can come from the pipes that transmit water to your house. That level of copper is a very safe level for human consumption. So when we use copper to treat algae—sometimes we even use it to treat it in drinking water—we’re applying at a .2 part per million, which is basically one-fifth of what occurs in nature anyway. This is kind of an example of why do some folks have some misconception of a harsh pesticide treatment. But really, we’re using a product that exists currently in nature; we just use it in a concentrated form for a concentrated period of time and that creates a desired effect."

“Another common one would be peroxides. Peroxides are used for algae control and it also is used in drinking water to control algae. But the real story of peroxide is, through the hydrolysis process, it basically converts back to water and that’s why there’s no residue associated with that treatment."

“So, basically we take things that are created in the environment but we manipulate the concentration levels to produce a favorable outcome. And that’s the difference.”

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