Wetland Restoration And Construction

Question: What is wetland restoration?

Answer: “Wetland restoration services are used for wetlands that are not functioning properly or are overgrown with undesirable plant types or are not aesthetically pleasing. This service generally involves starting all over or, in many cases, altering its current condition through mechanical or chemical control measures.”

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Wetland Restoration And Construction

The goal of wetland restoration is to return an existing wetland to its original condition by removing debris, installing aquatic plants that will enhance its health and maintaining the area year over year.

History of Success

Estate Management Services has worked on some of the largest wetland restoration projects in the Southeast. In 2003, we partnered with WESI Consulting, Inc. to restore a four-acre wetland in Barnwell, South Carolina. We decontaminated the area and installed over 26,000 plants—80% of which have survived.

We also partnered with S&ME, Inc. to restore a 6.2-acre wetland in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. After decontaminating the area, we installed nearly 9,300 plants and achieved a 90% survival rate.

Survival Rate Guarantee

Because Estate Management Services is a direct supplier of aquatic plants, we are able to offer a percentage survival rate guarantee for plants that we install and maintain on many of our wetland restoration projects.

To learn more about our wetland restoration and construction services, contact Estate Management Services today at 1-866-812-6588.

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