What to Expect from a Lake Consultation

Question: What can I expect during a pond or lake consultation with Estate Management Services in Mississippi or Alabama?

Answer: When we come out to do a pond or lake consultation, normally we come out, we take a look at the pond, we look at all of the physical attributes of the pond, you know as far as your spillway goes, your emergency spillway, what the banks look like. We normally do some basic water quality samples, such as total alkalinity, dissolved oxygen those sorts of things just to kind of get a baseline for what we’re looking at with your pond. And then we’ll just kind of discuss with the owner what we want to do with the pond, if it’s mainly aesthetic or if it’s fishing or any other types of recreation, whether it be swimming or boating or whatever. And we try to use that information gained from the pond and from the owner to come up with a plan what would be your best method going forward.

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